La Manga Bus Service

Unfortunately for visitors arriving at Murcia-San Javier Airport, there is no La Manga bus service and in actual fact there is no bus service whatsoever from Murcia-San Javier Airport. The majority of visitors know this and either have friends or family to meet them, take a taxi or hire a car. For those visiting La Manga who can't find a flight to the closer Murcia-San Javier Airport and need to fly into Alicante International Airport there is a bus route to Murcia and onward to La Manga and Cartagena which is run by the excellent Alsa Bus Company.

Fortunately for those spending a holiday here there is a local La Manga bus service. Most visitors refer to the entire spit of land that juts right out to sea, dividing the Mediterranean from the Mar Menor as La Manga, but this is in actual fact the La Manga Strip. To get your bearings, as you reach the southern end of Mar Menor when travelling on the RM-12 with the bay on your left and Cabo de Palos on your right, the road crosses a bridge in the area known as La Manga Del Mar Menor then about a kilometre further on is La Manga.

Now if that's all there was there wouldn't be much reason to have a bus service but the actual La Manga Strip extends for another 20 kilometres and those staying at the far end of the strip who want to visit the attractions and entertainment venues of the La Manga Resort area will indeed be pleased to know the La Manga bus service runs the entire length of the strip.

The route starts in Cabo de Palos and ends in the residential area of Veneziola with ample stops along the way should you wish to visit any of the beaches or bars on the strip. The short journey from Cabo de Palos to La Manga runs approximately every 30 minutes, and the longer journey to Veneziola every 2 hours with a more frequent service on Friday and Saturday.