La Manga, and in particular the La Manga Strip, is literally surrounded by water making it an attractive holiday destination to enjoy a number of exciting water sports and activities. Along the La Manga and Mar Menor coastline and inland countryside there are opportunities to enjoy many other activities, most suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Of course, quite a few of these activities can work out quite expensive depending on how often you do them, but hey that's what a holiday is all about, spoiling yourself a bit and doing stuff you wouldn't usually do at home, and for those on a tight budget, there's still activities to enjoy that cost nothing.

Water Sports & Activities

The calm waters and favourable wind conditions found in the Mar Menor lagoon are perfect for board sports such as wind and kite surfing, and although the water conditions are not great for experienced wind and kite surfers looking to ‘catch some air' and perform stunts such as jumps and somersaults, the wind conditions are just right for skimming along the water and for novices to practice or take lessons which are offered by a number of water sports operators.

Other water activity equipment that's available for hire includes kayaks, jet skis, various boats, stand up paddle boards and scuba diving equipment. Some operators will allow people with no experience to hire kayaks and motorboats with a limited engine capacity without experience, and others will require you to either prove you have experience or take at least an introduction lesson. The same can be said for jet skis and SUP although it's rare you will need to have any experience for these and if you're told you need a lesson, it's usually just a money making ploy. The best way to enjoy the majority of these water activities without experience is to go on a guided excursion or ‘safari' as some operators like to call it; safari sounds more exciting 🙂

Activities On Land

One of the most pleasant ways to enjoy La Manga's coastline and surrounding countryside that costs nothing is hiking. There are some wonderful coastal, country and mountain trails around La Manga, some suitable for walking, cycling and mountain biking, and others, especially in protected nature parks, that only allow walking and require you to stick to the hiking trails. There are hiking websites, and apps such as Wikiloc where you can download hiking routes and helpful information regarding the routes, and alternatively the La Manga Club often hold group hikes and bicycle rides for all experience and fitness levels.

If hiking or cycling is not your thing, some of the nature trails in the area are also bridleways where you can get out and explore on horseback. Unless you have been visiting La Manga for some time and got to know the staff in the area's equestrian centres or riding schools, it is very unlikely you will just be able to hire a horse and go riding on your own, although the riding schools do offer a selection of hacks of varying duration's through the countryside, mountains and along the coastal areas and beaches.

Great fun for the young ones is Peke Park Activity Centre where they can enjoy a variety of themed bouncy castles, trampolines, reverse bungy, soft play adventure zone, cute little boats and a variety of children's karts, buggies and motos. Bigger kids, teens and adults can put the ‘pedal to the metal' at La Manga Go-Kart where there are different circuits and karts of varying engine capacity to suit all ages and experience levels. Visitors with a car or motorbike licence can enjoy the thrills of ‘off-roading' on quad bikes or dune buggies that can be hired for individual use or as part of a guided excursion along rugged trails and dirt roads.

Not forgetting the more discerning holidaymaker, there are several challenging 18 hole golf courses in the area, three of which are located within the fantastic La Manga Club Resort and a further two located in resort hotels near the airport in Mar Menor. Anyone thinking of taking up a sport professionally, or improving their game will find a variety of sports academies run by the La Manga Club. These include golf, tennis and rugby for most age groups, and junior academies for football and cricket. The club also offers cycling activities and group rides.