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Puente de la Risa

For a look at a fine example of stone architecture with a bit of a hair raising twist when in La Manga, a visit to Puente de la Risa is a must. If you've ever pondered where the water gets in to form the inland sea known as the Mar Menor, well Puente de la Risa is a stone bridge over one of the narrow channels at the very far end of the La Manga Strip that allows the water in from the Mediterranean. These channels are also used by local fishing boats to navigate between the two seas and the area of marshlands are home to some interesting flora & fauna.

Puente de la Risa

Aside from the superb stonework of Puente de la Risa, what makes it a popular and scary tourist attraction is the extremely steep blind rise and curve of its construction which takes a powerful vehicle and brave driver to negotiate, but that's what visiting the bridge is all about! Those visiting in a sports type car with a low ground clearance should not even attempt driving over Puente de la Risa as you are more than likely going to lose your sump, and that will make a dreadful mess of this lovely La Manga landmark!

Fine Dining

As the bridge is at the very far end of the La Manga Strip there is not much else to see, but if you bring along a substantial amount of cash you should definitely pay a visit to Collados Beach Restaurant about 200 metres to the right of the bridge. The restaurant and bar area boast stylish modern decor and the outdoor terrace and swimming pool are splendid, but expect to pay around 10€ for a cocktail and over 150€ for a tasting menu for two. Alternately, you could just take along a picnic and enjoy some swimming and sun bathing on the beach.

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