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Calblanque National Park

Keen walkers visiting La Manga will find a number of picturesque hiking trails among the hills and sand dunes of Calblanque National Park. Although the La Manga Strip is predominantly flat and easy to walk, unless you are happy to visit some of the beaches and coves along the way and maybe stop in a bar or two for refreshments, it's not exactly a nature walk as the strip is a resort area lined with hotels more suited to fun in the sun than hiking.

Calblanque National Park

Calblanque National Park is situated less than 10 kilometres south from the port area of Cabo de Palos and although it can be reached by following the coastline, the first popular hiking trail only starts at Cala Reona which can be reached by vehicle along the Camino Calla Reona. From here the hiking trail which is considered medium to difficult boasts some wonderful views and interesting flora & fauna along its 15 kilometre length and takes around 2 hours to walk. The majority of visitors though choose to drive to Calblanque National Park via the RM-12 where there is a parking lot, and then head out on the hiking trails from there.

The Terrain

Walkers and cyclists can enjoy a diverse and picturesque terrain comprising of sandy beaches, secluded coves, sand dunes which are protected by wooden walkways, cliffs, hills and areas of lush pine forest. The park is home to a variety of wildlife including sea turtles, eagles, hoopoes and woodpeckers. On the outskirts of Calblanque National Park visitors can explore the remains of old copper and tin mines, although for safety's sake it is advised not to get too close to the open mining wells. Due to the park's delicate eco-system visitors should remain on the hiking trails, try not to disturb the wildlife, avoid littering and keep any pets on a lead.


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