For some, comfortable accommodation, nearby entertainment venues and the attraction of La Manga's beaches are all they need to enjoy a relaxing holiday, but for others, getting out there and exploring as many attractions as possible is high on their holiday itinerary. No matter what category you fall into, La Manga certainly has a lot to offer visitors, and whether it's along the ‘Strip' or further afield on the Mar Menor coast or in the surrounding countryside, there is a good variety of excellent attractions to suit all tastes and age groups.

Fun Attractions

By far the biggest attraction of La Manga and the Mar Menor are their wonderful sun kissed beaches, where visitors can relax with cocktail in hand, top up the tan and enjoy a cool dip in the sea. For some, the lure of sea and sand brings out their adventurous spirit and the order of the day is thrills and excitement, riding jet skis, windsurfing, kayaking and scuba diving. For the elderly, young children and those with physical disabilities, the calm shallow waters of the Mar Menor are a safer option for swimming and snorkelling, and the rougher seas, reefs and rocky coves of the Mediterranean provide an adventure playground for all sorts of wind and water activities where, for a price of course, you can hire a number of water sports equipment.

One of the most famous attractions on the Mar Menor is the salt marshes in the far north where the mineral rich mud is said to cure a number of diseases, ailments and skin conditions. But you don't need to have an ailment to enjoy the mud baths, as many people visit just for the joy of a good old mud fight! Located in the heart of the La Manga Strip, the Dos Mares Ociosport Resort offers a number of fun attractions for all ages, such as Peke Park for the young ones which also houses two restaurants, the Dos Mares Club where there are tennis and padel courts as well as a large swimming pool, and Dos Mares Wind where visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports such as surfing, sailing, stand up paddle and windsurfing.

Historical Attractions

The first of La Manga's historical attractions that most visitors see, as it's visible for miles around, is the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse (El Faro) that's over 150 years old and believed to be the tallest lighthouse on the Spanish coast. The walk up to El Faro is well worth the effort for the splendid panoramic views, especially if you bring a picnic to enjoy as the sun is setting. At the very tip of the La Manga Strip is Puente de la Risa, a picturesque stone bridge that has earned rather a reputation due to its extremely sharp incline and blind bend at the top.

Leaving La Manga and the Mar Menor behind and heading north along the coast, visitors can enjoy the scenic hiking trails and flora & fauna of the Calblanque National Park. The longest and most popular hiking trail takes around 2 hours to walk its 15 kilometre length which meanders through beautiful countryside all the way to Cala Reona. Further north along the coast is the famous Portman Guns which were built to protect the important Port of Cartagena from attack by sea and are one of the areas most visited attractions. The huge cannons and underground tunnels are great fun for the young ones, and the coastal views stunning.