Although only averaging 100 metres wide, the La Manga Strip extends for 21 kilometres so getting about is best done with some sort of transport unless you're very fit and used to walking in a hot climate. For those who enjoy walking as a leisurely pursuit, the areas around Cabo de Palos, Los Belones and Atamaria boast some excellent hiking trails, some leading to places of interest such as the Portman Guns. A selection of these nature trails can also be navigated by bicycle and on horseback, one of the most thrilling ways to explore the area.

La Manga Transport

Aside from some of La Manga's Spanish holidaymakers who drive from various parts of the country, the majority of visitors fly into the nearby Murcia-San Javier airport where it's necessary to either hire a vehicle, take a taxi or have friends or relatives to pick you up as the airport does not have a bus service. Arriving at Murcia-San Javier airport is a pleasurable experience and the noticeably chilled out atmosphere immediately puts one in the holiday spirit, unlike many busier airports where the frenzied hustle and bustle and endless queues just makes you want to get out of there as soon as possible 🙂

Car Hire & Taxis

Although La Manga is less than 30 minutes drive from the airport, a taxi will still cost you around 70€, so unless you have access to a private vehicle, plan on using the local bus service or maybe hire a bicycle during your stay, it's best to arrange car hire from the airport. There is a limited choice of international car hire companies at the airport so booking in advance is recommended. Alternately you can reserve car hire from a selection of local independent car hire companies who will arrange to deliver your vehicle to the airport or your accommodation.

Bicycle & Mobility Scooter Hire

As with any vehicle hire, arranging to rent a bicycle before your arrival is always the best option, especially during peak summer season. Bikes are a relatively cheap transport option in La Manga and the longer the hire period the less you will usually pay. Depending on where you plan on visiting during your stay, there is the option of either road or mountain bikes and bikes or kiddie trailers for children. Visitors with disabilities should contact a mobility scooter or equipment hire company before their arrival as these too are very limited in La Manga and you will more than likely need to contact a company further afield to deliver your scooter.

Local Bus Transport

Although there's no bus service from the airport, La Manga does have a regular local bus service. Running the entire length of the La Manga Strip from Cabo de Palos to the furthest residential area of Veneziola, the bus service has two time schedules with an increased schedule on Friday and Saturday. The shorter journey from Cabo de Palos to La Manga resort area runs approximately every 30 minutes, and the longer journey to Veneziola every 2 hours.