Water Sports

With its favourable position on the shores of the beautiful Mar Menor inland sea, water sports in La Manga are an extremely popular holiday activity. Indeed, the entire southeastern coast of mainland Spain is a mecca for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies who make the most of the glorious weather and diverse coastline to practice a number of exciting wind and water sports.

The choice of water sports in La Manga is superb, and although the waters are relatively calm  in places due to the Mar Menor's unique geographical structure being surrounded by land apart from a narrow channel connecting it to the Mediterranean, the wind conditions that are created are excellent for sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing. The numerous rocky coves and reefs around Cape Palos on the Mediterranean side of the La Manga Strip provide ideal spots for further water sports such as kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving and coasteering.

Water Sports In La Manga

Jet Ski – Aside from swimming and snorkelling which visitors to La Manga can do for free if they have brought along a snorkel set, by far the most popular holiday water activity is jet ski. The main attraction of jet skiing is the thrill of skimming across the water at frightening speeds knowing, unlike driving a car or riding a motorbike, you have no obstacles in your way, no sneaky speed traps and a relatively cushioned landing should you come off, although hitting the water at high speed can still be dangerous and painful! For those that just want to get out on the water and explore the coastline, guided jet ski excursions make for a fun day out.

Sailing – Regarded by many as a sport or pastime for the rich, there are actually a number of sailing disciplines that are quite affordable such as dinghy sailing or even kayaking with the aid of a sail. There are many yacht clubs and sailing schools in La Manga and all along the Mar Menor coastline where visitors can hire dinghy's and sail boats or take sailing lessons.

Wind & Kite Surfing – These are two of the most popular water sports in La Manga that can be enjoyed by all when holidaying in the area. La Manga also has a dedicated nomadic tribe of wind and kite surfers who literally follow the wind in search of the perfect conditions. Lessons and equipment hire are available from surf shops as well as most of the sailing schools.

Kayaking – There are many spectacular areas of the La Manga coastal regions that are either impossible or very difficult to reach from the land due to steep cliffs and tide conditions, and the perfect way to explore these areas is by kayak. Visitors with a bit of kayaking experience can hire kayaks from a number of establishments and head out on their own, and those with no experience can take lessons or book a spot on a kayaking safari or adventure that are run by experienced guides and take in a number of beautiful coastal attractions.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – Although various forms of stand up paddle have been around for centuries, mainly for transport or fishing in remote jungle regions, as a leisure activity it is fairly new. Unlike the crude dug out canoes of old, SUP boards are similar to a surf board, although longer and wider to increase stability when standing and paddling. SUP can be enjoyed for general fitness, leisurely exploring the coastline or to ride the waves as you would on a surf board but with the added propulsion of your paddle. SUP equipment can be hired from a number of water sports companies including the La Manga jet ski operators.

Snorkelling – This is one of the water sports in La Manga that costs very little and can be enjoyed by anyone that can swim. The abundance of extremely craggy coves around Cape Palos are the best spots to enjoy snorkelling and again, visitors can just head out on their own or join a guided snorkelling safari. These are often offered as part of a sailing or jet ski adventure.

Scuba Diving – High on the holiday wish list for many, scuba diving can be enjoyed throughout La Manga and the Mar Menor, and testament to its popularity, there are three dive shops all within 100 metres of each other around the small marina at the beginning of the La Manga Strip alone! With a choice of the calm waters of the Mar Menor, and the wonderful diversity of the Mediterranean divided by the narrow La Manga Strip, scuba divers are spoilt for choice in this lovely region of the Costa Calida.

Water Sports Hire & Lessons

  • El Galán Sailing School – El Galán residential area, La Manga Strip.
  • Club Vela Internacional – Venezoila residential area, far end of La Manga Strip.
  • Sailing School Sandrina – Castillo de Mar, Mar Menor.
  • Sailing School Nautic Centre – Isla del Ciervo road, exit 27.
  • Manga Surf Sailing School – Gran Vía de la Manga, exit 23.
  • Centro de Buceo Atra Sub (dive centre) – Cabo de Palos Marina.
  • Centro de Buceo Naranjito (dive centre) – Cabo de Palos Marina.
  • Mangamar Dive Centre – Cabo de Palos Marina.
  • Pepino's Jet (jet ski hire) – Playa Mistral, Av. Gran Via de La Manga.
  • Malina Jet Alquiler (jet ski hire) – Calle Castillo Mar, La Manga Strip.